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24 Icon Contest

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Welcome to 24 Icon Contest! A weekly 24 icon challenge community

This community is based on many such fandom icon challenge comms (sg1_showdown, farscapecontest, ncis_contest, etc.), and is for fans of the TV show 24.

24_contest is moderated by chiroho. If you have any questions or problems, you can email him here.

Each week a new screencap will be posted, from which you should make an icon and submit it as post to this community. Then from Friday (around 10pm Eastern) through Sunday (10pm Eastern), voting will take place. The top three icons are then announced, along with a new cap for the following week.

1. Please be courteous. No flaming or bashing of any sort.

2. Screencaps will be provided for the contest each week - either made by a moderator or fully credited from an online site. Icons can only be made using that image or images. Animated icons are fine, so long as they only use the cap provided. However, you may not use add any additional images or caps to the icon. Brushes, masks, colours, effects, fonts are all fine, but no additional images.

3. Icons must fit livejournal specifications (less than/equal to 100x100 pixels, 40KB).

4. Submit only one completely finished icon, or as specified in the challenge details.

5. Icons created previously or posted elsewhere are inelegible for the challenge. You must create a new icon based on the images provided.

6. Please only post your icon to 24_contest until after the challenge is over and voting is complete.

7. No late submissions. Once the poll is posted, that's it.

8. Icons should be posted as a comment to the post with the images for the challenge - typically from Friday through the following Friday (10:00 pm Eastern Time). All entries will be screened.

9. Voting will be open for a week following the poll being posted. A challenge and voting may be running concurrently.

10. Winners are determined by a poll and not by comments. Only members may vote. Please do not vote for your own icon. Please be as objective as possible.

11. Enjoy yourselves!

Generic Banners

If anyone would like to volunteer to make custom banners for specific challenges, I'd be very interested! These banners are 300x60, but 200x100 works, as do some inbetween sizes.